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Shivangi Art Sch​ool

Welcome to Shivangi Art School

'Shivangi Art School' started in 2001 by Ms Anju Chaudhary, was the only Art school in Dehradun known to give individual attention. Techniques from oil painting to acrylic, stain glass painting to simple shading, Nib painting to basic water colours, Fabric painting, knife painting, coffee painting are amongst the many types of paintings taught here.

Craft on personal demand is also taught, school projects and helping students with their diagram is what we enjoy the most. Pot painting and Pot designing is a speciality.

Age knows no bar and we see young children to old people coming here each day to learn the joy of art and fill their world with colours.

Our Classes

The school that started with 4 kids is now running batches . These are the general category in which we have divided our diverse course:

  • Early Learning-8

  • Ages 8 - 15

  • Ages 15 - 18

  • Ages 18-and above 

  • Professional training for Art teacher-1 year course.

  • NIFT, NIIT & NATA coaching .

Awards and Prizes

 Shivangi Art & Craft School would like to congratulate  all their meritorious students who have been winning prizes in the field of painting & craft.

Few notable mentions are given below:

  • Raj Bhawan Painting Competition(2016) - Ms. Ira Rai Gupta(Winner)

  • Rangoli Competition, Raj Bhawan(2016) - Ms. Prabhpreet(3rd Prize)

  • WIC 'Best out of waste'competition - Ms. Prabhpreet (3rd Position)

  • Camlin Art Competition - Ms. Alina Hassan(Winner)

  • Izhare Hunar Painting Competition - Ms. Ishita(2nd Prize)

  • DPSG Art Competition - Ms. Kashish, Mr. Aryan & Ankur (Budding Artist Award)

  • Rangoli Competition - Ms. Puja (2nd prize)

  • Rajbhawan Painting Competition - Ms. Mansi(Winner)

  • Independence Day Painting Competition - Ms. Shubhangi(3rd prize)

  • School level winners 

    • Ms. Shubdha(2nd prize)

    • Ms. Arshia(2nd prize) & Ms.Ashini(1st prize)

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